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"Pawn" and "Pawn Tactics" are intellectual property of Bellwood Studios.
This website and forums, and game servers are provided to you by Pawn Studios.

Relationship Between Pawn Studios and Bellwood Studios

Bellwood Studios has granted Pawn Studios the license to provide access to, update "Pawn" and "Pawn Tactics" and receive funds for doing so with all funds going to Pawn Studios.
Pawn Studios is not affiliated with Bellwood Studios in any way.

Who Is Behind Pawn Studios

Pawn Studios is owned by Alex, previously known as alexkwlabc.
Blank101 / JPillz are no longer a part of Pawn Studios.
At the time of this writing, Blank101 owns Bellwood Studios.

The Pawn Studios team consists of many community members.
Extra thanks must be given to Fusious, Near, and TheCriminaL for all helping transition from SandBoxd to pawngame.com, helping advertise, developing content, as well as administrating the community.


If you would like to support Pawn Studios please consider creating a forum account and purchasing credits when the option becomes available.
To contact Pawn Studios, send us an email at [email coming soon].

Date Posted: March 8, 2019

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