Damnnn I was so damn young when I played this shihh

November 13, 2019
Inland Empire, Southern Cali
What's good fellas.
I went by a lot of names that people thought were different people. I used to play this game on a laptop with no mouse and thought I was pretty decent haha. I was 10-12 when I found this game on crazymonkeygames.com and its crazy how much time I invested in this game. I'm now 20 and am a second year in college. You may have known me as BoYtOyz101, Genesis, Angeal, Ru, LaCuht, and a couple of other names I forgot lmao. This community was pretty damn toxic, but a good toxic haha. Fondest memories was my time in HLR, WXD, HIT, ASS, HAT, and most of all SGG. I kept in contact with some people I met on here and currently have a snapchat group chat w them. Idk if yall remember (ouch4213, jumba, jmp, or dragonfighter) I'm currently cramming for a midterm on Adderall and randomly thought of yall. I remember when the game died, SniperAccuracy, when the game came back, etc etc. I still check in from time to time and thought it'd be cool to say wassup. I remember making this shih too lmao check it out.
Edit: I was also Kato
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