Download Pawn Tactics on Windows


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Hello everyone, as you may have heard Adobe Flash Player is being discontinued from web browsers by January 12, 2021. To remedy this discontinuation, desktop versions of our games are being released. Support for Mac is in progress, as well as desktop versions of Pawn.

Your existing account can be used to login to the game from desktop versions.

Pawn Tactics is now available to download on Windows. Click here to download. [Security SHA-256 file hash: d249676430fe33a312adbe0bf16b8cb4b9a2aa44a98390018c34f5f99138527a]

If you need help installing the game, make sure to save 'Pawn Tactics.exe' to your desktop when you've clicked the download link.
Double click 'Pawn Tactics.exe' on your desktop to launch the game.
To uninstall the game, delete 'Pawn Tactics.exe' from your desktop.

For security reasons, remember to only download our game files from
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