Found this bookmarked on my old desktop


June 30, 2019
Used to play this game after school every day like 7-8 years ago, so nostalgic seeing all the familiar names on the forum boards; and just walking around the blank maps. Would love to see if i could get a game going soon with anybody whos down now that im out of college, probably don't remember the name but i was pretty high ranked for a while; GodOfWar and was apart of HLR for a couple of years (Couldn't recover my email). Hope to hear from anyone and have a night night if you're seeing this.


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Did you hear about Pawngame's re-emergence from any friends? I truly wonder if all these people popping up are googling/visiting pawngame on their own accord. Do memories of the game cause them to visit? If so, that's phenomenal

Also I remember you

I'm on PT ready to play, you got 5 minutes or else I'm logging
edit: ok u missed out
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