Game Moderation Changes


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Hey everyone!

We've made a couple significant changes to our moderation stack this month.

To start things off, anyone interested in becoming a moderator can now apply using the application in the User Group Applications Forum.
We've consolidated all our rules into one thread as mentioned in the previous news post We're Changing How We Present Our Rules.
Every game is now moderated by each Game Moderator. Previously we had separate moderator teams for Pawn and Pawn Tactics.
Where ever possible, bans have been replaced by more specific mitigation measures such as mutes, and statistic modifications.

We welcome members to the opportunity of applying for staff positions. Additionally, it came from our best intentions to update our rules and how we deal with them being broken. We're confident that replacing bans with mutes and statistic modifications will make moderation less detrimental to the well being of our community by allowing everyone to continue playing with each other when rules are broken and resolutions applied. With our passionate staff team at work, we should not have to see many bans being placed going forward.
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