Good evening godless sodomites.

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January 2, 2019
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Who I am, WHO I AM, who am I, who am I is a question for the ages. That's one we are all searching for, to find out who I am, who’s in there, who wants to come out and say, hey, I'm hungry. Who I am is too deep and prof-, almost, you gotta go in deep and pull out the thing like with the movie with the thing came out of the stomach and up the people on the :censored: spaceship, may they rest in peace. My name is greb Sobol... lione. greb Soblione. I'm also known as Grebby the Groins, Sammy the Snoz, Elmer the Fudd, Tubby the Tuba, and once as Miss Fillis Lavine, but that was at a party, it was years ago, I smoked a te-te-bet and I had a quc-ca-lude and suddenly, I'm in fishnets and singing show tunes. These things happen, but it has nothing to do with what I'm here with you fine gentlemen today so I apologize. That being said, I am also known to the people who know me the best, as the :censored: doctor. The second part of the question that you "axed" me is why I am here. I am here representing Crim as his consigiligiliere. I am intimately involved in all aspects of the Pawn business and I am prepared to speak for Blank or Crim on all matters, batta-bing, batta-boom, betty-boo-pah.

Lets fuckin eat.
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