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January 31, 2019
Pawn Credits
What sites you guys keep tab on?

I myself need a music source on pc/phone while multitasking
Social media - FB/ig/PG
I strive on learning about mainstreamed apparel/footwear so Nike’s official site footlocker etc.
- WalmartOne for my work schedule

and that’s about it. Hbu?
I'm addicted to reading chess articles and staying up to date on tournament results
I spend a lot of time watching YouTube- sports, comedy, music, and other videos
Reddit for the memes and current events , youtube cause youtube, different car part sites for steals
I'm constantly watching Live PD videos on YouTube. Once I watch one I need to watch at least 20 more to be able to stop.
Oh yeah this guy gets it. Nothing gets me going or as hot and heavy as the hub does 😉
I just can't control myself when I'm browsing all that code on

I prefer the lab over the hub, but to each their own.
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