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January 1, 2019
Creatormin MoMo and the PTMT are proud to present PT Map Update II.
It is scheduled for Monday, 18 March 2019 before 3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). You may find information about the update below.

1. Map Fixes
[2T-CTF] Clockwork (Servered) - Minor design and gameplay changes.
[2T-CTF] Death Trap (NOT Servered) - The base will now have three entrances / exits.
[2T-CTF] MoMo Harbor (NOT Servered) - The glitch that results from double flags is now fixed.

2. Permanently Discontinued Maps
The PTMT has come up with a list of maps that will be removed from the server permanently.
These maps will be excluded from future map rotations. Their status is indicated by an
X in the Archive of Pawn Tactics Maps.
Free for All Deathmatch
Levels, Metalworks, Quarantine III, Wander

Team Deathmatch
Blackout, Courtyard, Cruxite, Radius, Seismic, Wasteland, Xing


Escort the Flag

Capture the Flag
Colosseum, Crossfire, Cruel Intention, Debris, Headquarters, Guardian, Magnet, Protect Your Flag,
Rendezvous, Resistance, Rough Paths, Semestral, Six Flags, The Estate, The Hexagon, Valiant, Vertex

Free for All King of the Hill

Team King of the Hill
Engulf, Map of the Week 89, Overwhelm, Takeover

3. Permanent Maps
The PTMT has come up with a list of permanent maps that we believe are must-haves on the server.
These maps will remain available as both public and clan war matches all year round without being affected by future map rotations.

* Death Sentence, Compact Bound, Conquest, Layers, and The Pyramid will NOT be available for CW.
Free for All Deathmatch
Death Sentence, Compact Bound

Team Deathmatch
Gorge, Ground Plan, The Citadel, Ventrilico

Conquest, Sever

Escort the Flag
Cohort, Thunderbolt

Capture the Flag
Excavations, Layers, Organized Chaos, Rivalry, Suburban Course

Free for All King of the Hill
The Pyramid

Team King of the Hill
Devastation, United

4. Community-Selected Maps
Public Matches
FFA-DM: 8 Maps
1. Bloodbath
2. Ceyhan (1v1)
3. Freefight (1v1)
4. Grassland
5. Grimsby
6. Jailbreak
7. Parking Lot (1v1)
8. The Pyramid

TDM: 6 Maps
1. Brisk
2. Confrontation
3. Death Funnel
4. Firefight
5. Harambe
6. NickIt

AS: 3 Maps
1. Fragility
2. The Keep
3. Trenches
4. Conquest
5. Sever

CTF & ETF: 13 Maps
1. Clockwork
2. Dirty Tactics
3. Fort
4. Inclination
5. Itsmap
6. Marshland
7. MoMoland
8. Parting Ways
9. Picnic
10. Propaganda
11. Strobe
12. Tactical Warfare
13. Talk to Frank

FFA-KoTH: 4 Maps
1. Circumvent
2. Conflict Center
3. Survival
4. The Pit

T-KoTH: 3 Maps
1. Condemned
2. Equidistant
3. Gauntlet
Clan War Matches
1. Confrontation
2. Death Funnel
3. Harambe
4. NickIt
5. Trajectory

1. Clockwork
2. Fort
3. Inclination
4. Itsamap
5. Marshland
6. MoMoland
7. Parting Ways
8. Strobe
9. Talk to Frank

1. Fragility

1. Condemned
2. Equidistant
3. Gauntlet

5. Other Information
- New maps have been postponed. The Rift and Crosshair will be added to the server along with other new maps in a bigger batch in the future.
- Archive of Pawn Tactics Maps has been updated.

We hope you enjoy this update.
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January 5, 2019

How can you permanently ban Wastelands and Levels..

Ok Wastelands is big.. but if we ever grow, you know

Deleted member 71

thanks for servering these maps!
what an aesthetic view! hopefully we can see one or two people playing these newly servered maps instead of them lookin nice and pretty!
January 31, 2019
Not sure why you don't let the 8 players who actually CW decide which maps are servered for CWs lol
Edit: at this point 8 is being generous, 6*
January 31, 2019
Not sure why you don't let the 8 players who actually CW decide which maps are servered for CWs lol
Edit: at this point 8 is being generous, 6*
That would be too logical I'm afraid.
Thunderbolt and Excavations are must-haves in cw...none of those guys have cwed in the past 5 years, i can tell.
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