Sky the Phenomenal Rocket


Tournament Director
January 1, 2019
After 3 days of being busy, I'm finally here. I checked this site out on mobile it bought nostalgia, but on PC it's a total upgrade. Huge props to Fusious, Alex and Crim for collectively making this all happen. For those who don't know me, I was the infamous leader of [PEE] and [NGU] alongside johncean123. Both clans that reached top 10 at the same time. I am a Professional PT player since August 2009. I'm most notorious for being the biggest padder and being an unpredictable player. Yes, I can be clutch at times and I do drive my teammates crazy. Just so you all know, I will be your future Hall Of Fame Flag Carrier. Believe It.

My role in beta testing is to ensure the quality of this site by providing feedback, bug reports, and most importantly suggestions. We got several testers that I propose we all work as a team to beta test this efficiently as possible. While we got some activity on PT (as of my writing), let's make the most of what we can for the future.

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