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January 22, 2019
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I wanted to address some map making mechanics that changed since 60 FPS, which might not be apparent and may lead to novel changes in map making. Personally, I will be incorporating these into my maps, which might be unconventional for older map makers because they were big no-no's pre-60 FPS!

1. Crouch jumps from floor with roof over your head are easier than ever to perform, so they may be more easily integrated into maps. Previously, crouch jumps were discouraged due to increased lag that caused many players to not be able to crouch jump 100% of the time. As a caveat, crouch jumps without a block over your head are very difficult to perform now, therefore I would avoid using these whenever possible

2. Crouch jump from ladder's difficulty has been increased due to higher jumping mechanic, so old crouch jumping maps such as Castle Wars far right and left ladders have become more difficult

3. V jump made more easy due to increased jumping distance when you land with head over ladder

4. Ladderless are far more difficult to perform now, therefore I don't think they are as high of a "risk" for servered maps anymore. On the other hand, we must now pay attention to high-rise glitches

5. Broken Ladder (BL) can be grabbed straight up above head. Perhaps this means BLs can be placed in competitive servered maps? This will promote map movement and constant ladder humping, which can spice up gameplay.

6. Due to increased vertical jump, some previously benign 2 block high spaces near the top transition of maps now result in a screen-up glitch. I would pay attention to this when designing maps with verticality

7. DeathMatch game-mode means more asymmetrical maps, so no longer have to worry about strictly adhering to symmetrical maps under the guise of balance

8. Increased jumping distance means single gap jumps are quite easy to perform now. I personally like running along a map and hitting the single jumps in 1 smooth motion, but I understand many newer players that are still grasping the controls may struggle with the movement. Maybe it's time to have a divide between "easy movement" maps vs "harder movement maps"?

For example, OGMs are now very easy to perform consistent. You have a rather large window of opportunity to jump from lower to higher block, so they might be worthwhile to incorporate into maps if you want to limit an area going 1 way, but still reward advanced players for pulling it off in the heat of battle? (i.e. Arena's OGM towards the bottom refills)

Let me know if I missed anything that changed with 60 FPS!
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