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February 1, 2019
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Wouldn't it be cool to have a game mode where you can play any class, but once you die the class is now locked. It would then remain locked until all 8 classes have been used and then the cycle would start over again. And no you can't just nade yourself because the game doesn't register a death if you nade yourself (unless you received damage from another player prior to the suicide).

It would definitely add a whole new level of strategy. Being forced to play different less optimal classes would create the need to come up with and test new tactics for the same old games we're used to playing. It could be a setting applied to any of the current game modes e.g. CTF, TDM, Assault

I don't know, I think it would be bomb and fun af. I suppose if you only care about winning/camping it wouldn't be fun. For example, the old me would hate this ;)
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It would be fun for players that enjoy playing more than 1-2 classes that PT has to provide. As I have stated in another post regarding forced roles, I would stop playing as soon as I am stuck with playing guard, medic, or command. Hell, I would stop playing as soon as I die as recon. :sneaky:

With your current iteration, it's not a matter of fact of "I have X classes left to pick, I need to better plan accordingly," but more of, "Oh **** I better not die or I have to play X."

Maybe force players to swap through 2-3 classes before unlocking the first one again? Having to cycle through all 8 sounds anti-fun.
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Cool concept.

I wonder which class should be used first. Sure, it depends on the opponents, but I think an allrounder class like Assaults and Lancer would be the best.
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