Open Suggestion: Mountable turrets/machineguns in maps? Ammo supply crates? Health crates?

March 7, 2019
Right behind you!
I think this would add some interesting depth to maps, which can tend to be a bit dull given that all map-makers really have to work with is barriers, flags, walls, and stairs. The presence of an unlimited supply of ammo and health (without needing a medic) would allow maps to be designed with strategic positions your team wants to capture, or have to decide to leave unguarded in order to push a different objective. And mountable machinegun emplacements would allow certain positions to be easier to defend from certain directions. Of course, the machineguns would have to be nerfed in ways to keep from being too OP, like having a limited turning radius or overheating after firing too long.

I think these would enable maps to be a lot more interesting and allow for more strategy than they currently are now.
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