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December 27, 2018
The official PawnGame guide!

[part 1]

01. Making The Game Work Best For You

First things first, to play this game with the BEST conditions you should be playing on Google Chrome AND have the latest Flash Player downloaded. After this, you should be all set to play PawnGame!

Next, if you haven't already, create a Sandboxd account. To do this, look in the top right of any page and click the Login button, then go to the Register tab and input all relevant information.

Finally, go to PawnGame's game page to play the game!

[part 2]

02. Welcome To The PawnGame Chat UI

After you've launched PawnGame by hitting Play, the game will load. Once it's loaded, you will be shown the Chat UserInterface (UI). From here, you will see the Games window in the top left, Chat Rooms window in bottom left, and the chatting window on the right hand side.

When you first launch PawnGame, you will always be put into the default chat room of "Chat". It is the largest chat room. There are no other default chat rooms or games, but players can create them if they wish. I will cover how to create them later.

  • The main chatting window will log all chat messages that you receive in any chat until you leave the Chat UI. [Note: Leaving the Chat UI includes: launching a game, being kicked, pressing 'Quit', pressing 'Map Editor']
On top of the chatting window, you will see Host, World Rank, Map Editor, Options, and Quit.
  1. Host allows the player to create new Games.
  2. World rank opens a new window that displays the listing of all players with above 1000 points. [Note: Anyone below 1000 points will not be listed, including guests]
  3. Map editor opens the PawnGame map editor
  4. Options for in-game settings
  5. Quit forces the player to re-launch the game.
  6. Below the main chatting window is the text entry box where you will input text so that you can message the people inside that chat. Above it are Auto-Scroll and Clear. Clear will empty all logged text. Un-checking auto-scroll will stop the chat from auto-scrolling the chat down to the latest message sent.
  7. To the right of the main chatting window is a list of users that is populated by the users that are currently in the same chat room that you are in. If you click on a users name, the game will put that users name in your text entry box.
The Games window displays all the currently hosted games.
  • You will see Observer, Ladder, and Custom. The ladder is marked by a yellow ladder icon, and the custom is marked by a blue 'C'. To toggle listing of custom or ladders matches, all you have to do is click on their respective icon, at the top, until they are listed.
  • In the list, you will see Seven entries. The Name, Current players, Current observers, Maximum players, Maximum observers, Map name, and Game type. All of these entries are set by the host of that match. If a match was set with a password, there will be a [P] in front of it (you will need the password to enter these types of matches).
The Chat Rooms window displays all the active chat rooms a user may join.
  • The maximum users allowed in a player created chat room is 50. If a user created chat room was created with a password, you will need to enter that password to be allowed into it.

When going to host a match, click on the Host button. On the window that opens up, you will be presented with options for your match.
  1. Name: Pick the name of the match
  2. Password: Decide whether or not to place a password on your match. Leaving this one empty will allow anyone to join.
  3. Max players: Maximum players allowed to join
  4. Max observers: Maximum observers allowed to join
  5. Ranked/Custom: Decide whether the match will be ranked or a custom game
  6. Team Deathmatch/Assault: Decide if the game will be TDM or AS.
  7. Available map list: This is the current list of maps on the server that you can play. [Note: If the match is Custom, you will be able to pick your own user-created maps.]
  8. Add/remove maps: Right arrow adds a map to the rotation, left arrow deletes the map from rotation
  9. Current maps in rotation
  10. Game length: Decide how long the match will last
Custom options:

  1. Starting Kill Coins: Decide how many points all players will spawn with at the beginning of the match.
  2. Maximum health: Set the health of ever player
  3. Win score: Set the number of points till the match is won
  4. Remix teams: Make the server always force new joining players join the team with the least amount of players (like in Ranked).
  5. Team switching: Allow players to swap sides at anytime during the match.

  1. Timer: Set the amount of time before the defending team wins
  2. Artifact life: Set the health points of the artifact
To view the rank list of all player click the World Rank button.
  • The listing goes by 25 users per page. [Note: There will be more info added here, be sure to check back!]
If you wish to create maps you can do such by using the Map Editor.
  • [Note: This guide will not tell you how to use the Map editor, but will].
Options is pretty self explanatory.
  1. Quality: Set the quality when you're playing a match.
  2. Hide enemy bullets:
  3. Sound: Turn sound on/off, and set the volume level.
  4. Hide Ping/FPS: Hides your in-game FPS and MS. [Note: These are found in the bottom right corner while in a match]
Quit will log you out and right back in.
  • Usually, you will only need to do this so that the Pawn stats tracking can update your score after a game.
[Part 3]

03. In-Game Menus and such

The first thing we will dissect is the Arsenal menu. This menu show all the guns currently in PawnGame, Team colors, you current Killcoins, your Respawn timer, and Spawning.

Red and Blue are the teams available in that match.
  • In Ranked, you are unable to change your team, and you only may do such in a custom game if the Host enabled that ability.
Your Killcoins are the number of "kills" you are able to redeem to buy a weapon.
  • Your maximum KCs will be in the bottom box and your current available in the top. As you get kills, you KCs will go up and you can go on to buy more weapons.[Note: If you join a match in progress, you will receive the KCs of the person with the lowest amount.]
There is a 3 second timer before you can spawn/respawn. After the timer has reached 0 seconds, you may hit 'OK?' and spawn into the match.


Finally, there is the weapon arsenal. There are Pistols, SMGs, Autos, Shotguns, and Heavy weapon categories.
  • Each gun has a different amount of KCs it will require. If you do not have enough, you can not buy it. If
    you do, the gun will be highlight green and so will the gun category. [Note: If can de-select a weapon you gave bought at anytime and get a full refund of your KCs.]
[Part 4]

04. Learning the ropes of playing
  • After you've selected your weapons of choice, its time to spawn in and start fighting! There will be a LOT in this section, so re-read this as many times as necessary.
The items at the bottom of your screen go: Points by team, Your health, Your Killcoins, Your available weapon arsenal, and your Ammo.
  1. Points by team: As your team earns kills in TDM, your color teams number will go up. First team to the max of the match wins. [Note: In assault, there will be a timer and the current health of the artifact]
  2. Health: Your health bar. As you take damage, this will go down.
  3. Your Killcoins: Displays your currently available killcoins.
  4. Arsenal: refer to the weapons section of the controls document.
  5. Ammo: Displays your current and maximum ammo for your current weapon.
Important map tiles include: the Spawners, the Ammo Crates, Ladders, and the Artifact.
Spawners will be red, blue, and grey.

[Note: Grey is only available in Free-for-all/Deathmath.]

The Ammo Crates will refill all your ammo and health.
  • You must have 3 available killcoins before you can purchase such a refill.
Ladders allow players to move up and down the battlefield.
The Artifact is only available in Assault.

  • This map tile is the key to victory for the attacking team (Red). The blue team must protect it for the whole match, of they will lose the round.
[Part 5]

05. End of guide pro tips:

You can hide inside of some special map tiles!
Always remember to chat with your teammates in-game by using the L key!
It's really cheap to get a health re-fill in middle of a firefight!

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