Ongoing Weekly Map Maker Event

Welcome one and all to the Weekly Map Maker Event! If you are a map maker and want to show off your skills here is your chance!

This will be an ongoing weekly event where you, as a map creator, can show off your skills with a chance of getting your map featured at the end of the week!

There will be two separate sections. One for Pawn and one for Pawn Tactics. The way I will be taking submissions is through messages on here or over on discord. Please limit submissions to one map per game a week. I will review all submissions and reveal a winner at the end of the week. So let's get this going and and show me what you guys got!

Heres some helpful map making info for both Pawn and Pawn Tactics:

Pawn Editor:
Pawn Map Making Guide


Pawn Tactics Editor:
Pawn Tactics Map Making Guide
Pawn Tactics Map Editor Download

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