Hello! OG PT Map Making team member

March 23, 2020
Hello everyone!
**EDIT** Looks like I forgot I was also under the name of "Fallen" when I created the map Condemned
You may remember me while playing Pawn Tactics. While Pawn got me into the game, I quickly made the transition to pawn tactics once that was released.
I am still proud to say my map "Condemned" is still in the game as a playable team King of The Hill match!
Many of you may remember me and my cousin, TheImportant, who got me into the game originally.
I was in clans such as ZGX, MVP, LOL, and SIG to name a few.
This is really exciting to see that the forum and game is back on the site. Something that should never have gone away!
Let me know if there is any time people are meeting up. You can reach me at TuiZeroGravityX@gmail.com (yes I still use my email I originally set up for Pawn!)

**How do I get back into the Map Making Team?**

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