[MVP] Most Valuable PawnerZ

Pawn Map Team
January 18, 2019
On behalf of TDK and the rest of the MVP rebirth, I hereby accept you as well into the greatest clan of all time.

January 8, 2019
Hello guys, I am sure some of you recognize my name, as I recognize most of yalls. How the years have flown by and I am sure were all grown men who are accomplishing our own goals in life. I used to place this game many many years ago, I was never good enough to join the original MVP but certainly earned and recruited their former members into the clans I mainly contributed to which was BHS, and then after Boom Head Shot my own clan Soldiers Of Inflicting Pain and then later Dx's clan at the time. TDK or the tehdarkknife I remember you from many many years ago. good memories but, I would like to apply to MVP. I am familiar with the requirements and remember the rules. I have been a member of MVP before and as well of other notable clans like SVG, BHS, HLR, GWX, and the leader of many clans at one point to include BHS, SOI and many others, I am down to play a few games on my off time if we can get a clanwar going and I am sure I am not that rusty. So I am requesting a formal invitation and its nice to see all these legendary names again brings back memories.
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