Pawn Community Recruiters Application

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December 27, 2018
The purpose of this group is to find new players as well as re-connect with old players who used to play the games. There are still people out there who have not been able to find the game they played when they were younger.

It will be this groups task to find recruit people over to the site as well as the discord. As well as recruit players to participate in site-wide events.

If you are selected to this role, you will be notified via post on your thread. You will then be invited to the group and given a Title and Name Color on the forum as well as Discord distinguishing you as a part of the "Pawn Community Recruiters"

Here is the application to fill out and post in a new topic called Pawn Community Recruiters Application:

1. How long have you been a part of Pawn/Sandboxd?

2. Why do you think you are a good fit as a part of the Pawn Community Recruiters?

3. What can you bring to the group that nobody else can?

4. Please share some ideas you have to recruit new players
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