Accepted Pawn Tactics Map Team Application

Pawn Tactics Map Team
January 1, 2019
1. How long have you been a part of the Pawn / Sandboxd Community?
Since 2006.

2. Have you made PT Maps in the past? If so, for how long?
Yes, since Pawn Tactics was in beta.

2. Please provide some examples of maps you have made in the past if any.
-Death Sentence
-King of the Hill
-Stay Alive (the first Survival map)
-Sever (the first Push map)
-Riot Zone (I think the first map where teams spawn in the same area, it was at least the first map like that to be servered)
-Rumble (the first 6-team map to be servered)

3. What do you think qualifies you to be a member of the team?
-I've been involved in the map making community since it started.
-I was the first person inducted into the Map Making Hall of Fame.
-I have the most servered maps of anyone.
-I have made something like a total of 75 maps.
-I was one of the leaders of the original PTMMT.

4. Provide an idea you have about how we can involve the community in map making.
Have monthly map contests where the winning map gets servered for at least until the next month. Maybe even make a "Map of the Month" category on the game types menu.

5. How comfortable are you working as a team? List at least one way a team can function.
Very comfortable. The map making team in particular should function democratically, where decisions on whether to server a map should be left to polls. Maybe there could be system where the leaders of the team are determined by map contests, and to stay in a leadership position you need to at least be a runner-up in these contests.
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December 27, 2018
Thank you Knux! :) Conquest was always my favourite assault map. So amazing as well as all your other maps! It felt like they were made by the game creators themselves. I hope all PTMT members will be community leaders! Map contests will be exciting if you do end up organizing some!

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