PT Redesign Status

December 27, 2018
Hello everyone,

Since the redesign is incomplete, we moved it to a link called Pawn Tactics Beta. We'd like to thank you for testing it thus far, and have restored the original user interface to the main link for now.

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January 11, 2019
I wanna be in Tórshavn
I have 3 dislikes with this so far, will update if there are more.

1: The image of the rank insignia overlaps the points required for Colonel

2: In the Clan tab, the font of the clan name looks rather ugly

3: In every screen except lobby, a massive page header shouldn't be there (in the previous picture, you can see this where "CLAN" is taking up a lot of the page). I think it's rather obvious what page you're on given that you have to click a button that directs you there in the first place
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