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Pawn Tactics Map Team
February 7, 2019
1. How long have you been a part of the Pawn/Sandboxd Community?
I was a very active community member in the past, involved with Pawn in general for several years. Since I've come back its been a few weeks where I've had varying amounts of involvement but am looking to get more involved going forwards.

2. Have you made Pawn Tactics Maps in the past? If so, for how long?
Yes, I was the leader of the PTMMT for awhile in the past. I have around 8 or so years of level design, most of it starting with PT and PG map making a long time ago.

2. Please provide some examples of Pawn Tactics maps you have made in the past if any.
Gauntlet (Server Archived)
NickIt (Server Archived)
Dirt Mound (New)
Sinkhole (New)

3. What do you think qualifies you to be a member of the team?
I understand my contributions recently haven't been very large but I was a very experienced and established map maker who was very involved with the entire process including the administration stuff on the team when it came to choosing maps, hosting events, and providing guides. I hope to bring to the team this experience understanding how the map editor works, the concepts of map design that have been established and shown success in the past, and how to hopefully shape the team going forwards to be in a position to consistently provide new and exciting content for the game (lol can you tell I was applying for jobs out of college not too long ago).

4. Provide an idea you have about how we can involve the community in Pawn Tactics map making.
In the past I've found that tournaments are by far the best way to get the community involved. My goal would be to:

1st) Create a comprehensive guide that covers downloading and setting up the map editor, covers basic topics like heights, transitions, spawns, and specials, and provide a quick FAQ area that would allow newcomers to create their own maps effectively

2nd) Use tournament entry as an incentive for new map makers to produce content. Say that at the end of X weeks, the top Y map creators will be chosen for a tournament so newcomers have an incentive to not only learn the process, but try to become at least semi-skilled enough to compete in the tournament. This tournament would be much more inclusive than exclusive, the goal is to create a minimum standard of quality for maps not only let a few elite creators in.

3rd) The incentive of the tournament is the winning map will be added to the server. This is an absolute must as having your map actually added to the game is much much more prestigous than winning some online forum tournament. This is the reason for the minimum standard of quality as well. My ideal judging for the tournament would be the PTMMT will view all the entries and select ones that they feel are the highest quality, hopefully around 3 to 4 maps, and those maps will be left up the community to decide the winner.

A seperate idea that I have which I think would increase interest a lot is to add some sort of acknowledgement in game to the map creator. Possibly a small graphic right as the game starts, or on the post game loading screen, but it could flash the map name, gamemode, and map creator possibly. This would be more of an incentive for current map makers I think but would also be a good way to draw attention to the fact that these maps are community created.

5. How comfortable are you working as a team? List at least one way a team can function.
Oof, not sure about this question m8. Lots of ways a team can function, my preferred would be to have an extradionary leader, perhaps the greatest of all time, who is willing to take a pretty significant pay cut in order to maintain the team success, at the helm. From there I'd make sure I could fight a real tough scrapper, someone who's first in last out every day to be his partner. Add in one of the smartest strategists and inspirerers in the game as the coach and that's how I won $900 by betting on the Patriots.

Teamwork is undoubtably impossible without communication. If each member in the team isn't communicating properly, expressing their needs and willing to ask for help or provide help when necessary, the team will slowly and slowly grind to a hault.
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December 27, 2018
Excellent map maker and experienced Pawn Community member 🙂

However, my question is about your activity.

Do you think you can be active enough to provide the community with new maps and contribute to helping newer map makers create better maps?

Pawn Tactics Map Team
February 7, 2019
I believe so. I definitely understand the questions about my activity and my involvement and don't think they're unfounded, my counterpoint however is I hope to play a role that may not require an every-day activity level. Some clear ways that I hope to be an addition to the community as a PTMMT member:

- MOTW contests. These were wildy popular before and were a great inspiration for a lot of content creators as they provided clear themes for the maps and a competitive environment to hone their skills. This would only require activity for a few days of the week, to post the thread, check back and answer any questions or concerns and leave feedback on the entries so far, and again to collect the final entries and determine/announce a winner with the team.

- Guides. I feel very confident in my ability to convey topics around map making to a wide audience and think that I can really excel in creating helpful guides and other content for newcomers and experienced creators alike. These contributions will be ongoing projects that will hopefully become a summation of information from many experienced map creators. I hope to create and lay a foundation for this system to develop and grow but these events would not be happening on a day-to-day basis but over a more extended timespan.

- Creating maps. In my opinion trying to measure a content creator by the number of products they output will always be a bad metric. However, the need for contribution is definitely still there. I hope to create a steady stream of high quality maps that recieve several rounds of feedback and instead grow through stages instead of creating a new one each time. I particularly enjoy collaborating with other content creators though, as I often really enjoy the concepts in maps that they can create and feel that I usually can offer some insight for the more minute details that can really help a map stand apart. I hope to offer these collaboration opportunities with any content creator new or veteran that is interested in them.

- Providing feedback. This goes along with the previous point a decent amount. I feel that in the community right now the feedback on maps is definitely lacking as most threads are full of comments not offering much insight beyond whether they like it or not. I've already left some examples of the most constructive feedback I hope to bring to the community and hopefully inspire others alike, but I want to recognize clearly that I will not be able to leave feedback on every map. When I am online and I see a map that I have particular feedback for, or one I particularly like, I will most definitely leave that feedback but I plan primarily to reserve it for things like entries in MOTW, an early newcomers post, or one where the creator has questions or is looking for specific feedback that I have an opinion on.

All in all, I definitely hope to increase forum activity going forwards. I understand the concerns surrounding that activity, but I hope that the benefits I could bring to the content creating community as a member of the PTMMT outweighs those concerns.
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