Where is Blank101?

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December 27, 2018
As almost everyone here knows, Blank101 / JPillz created Pawn, Pawn Tactics, Zed, and the original pawngame.com forums that these were modeled after. Although JPillz left the team a few years ago, Blank101 has always been around. So you all might be wondering why Blank101 is no where to be seen on this new website.

Well rest assured this is not because he has ditched us or we ditched him! Here's a little history on how we got here. After meeting Blank101 there was something I couldn't resist discussing - could I help him administrate SandBoxd* to get the community rolling again, or if SandBoxd isn't the solution, can I migrate the community to a dedicated Pawn website (something the community has been requesting for years). Blank agreed to allowing me to manage the community for him. It was concluded that SandBoxd wouldn't be able to fully benefit our community and so with a fresh Community Admin team we began the migration process to pawngame.com.

Although Blank has not registered on our forums, he is reachable via email, SandBoxd PM, and Discord. Yup! Blank joined our Pawn Community Discord very early on. If you do want to reach him (probably to thank him once again for making the best games ever! :] ), the easiest way would probably be by private messaging him on SandBoxd. If you prefer to use Discord, his name on there is hexonaut and he rocks a gold colour in the member list.

When we add ways for members to purchase virtual currency or items Blank and I want it to be understood that these funds won't be going to the original creators of the games. Blank101 nor his company will receive any share of the funds. I also posted an About Us page to explain in more technical terms the relationship between us (Pawn Studios) and Blank's company.
About Us

Thanks for being here with us. We want to restore this community as much as you do!

* - SandBoxd was an HTML5 / Flash gaming portal web app that Blank101 built from the ground up. It hosted Pawn Tactics, Zed, and later Pawn after the original pawngame.com shutdown.
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