Yoyoyo, long time, welcome back Pawn!

December 10, 2019
DFW, Texas
It sure has been awhile, since 07-08? I don't even remember my old username on PAWN but I've been through quite a few different users since then lol, but we're starting new so what's up everyone? How's everyone?

I do remember a few old players and of course Blank101.

Let's see i'll name a few off the top of my memory, SK8URDEAD, Sketchez, ureonmyhitlist, Cheetohs, tehoutlaw, beanmiester, Ace2cool, and of course Assassinator, dude was #1 for a long long minute and a lot more I could probably name off.

Glad to see it's back, best I better get a new PC and start playing again, this PS4 ain't gonna play PAWN :laugh: :cry:
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