<YSL> Yves Saint Laurent -- イヴサンローラン

February 1, 2019
  1. Please list all Pawn Tactics usernames you´ve used in the past 5 years (including active alternate accounts). hmm k here goes: neo720 xxslayer720xx xxslayerxx nexus xskedarx distortionx to post
  2. State the main reason why you would be an asset to Yves Saint Laurent. im not too bad rushing w/ recon or support. I really like ctfs
  3. Any notable hobbies or obligations that would impede your ability to no-life a flash game? work and trying to remain fit
  4. Do you have a personal vendetta against any current members of our clan (excluding Legend)? not at all
  5. Height in imperial units. 6 1. am dum ok?
  6. Any additional information you would like to add. not currently. thanks
very inspirational and clearly a chad

crim will invite u
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