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About Pawn was officially launched in August of 2006 with two main developers (Blank101 and JPillz). Since then, they made it their goal to provide an interactive arena for users to play and discuss multiplayer Flash games. The games released here at Pawn Game are absolutely free of charge for everyone.

Their first project, Pawn, was launched alongside the website in 2006. Since then it has seen over 10 million visitors worldwide. Due to the high reception of Pawn, work soon moved to a sequel - Pawn: Tactics (PT). After a year PT became open for public beta testing.

Following six successful years, took a rest and Pawn and PT moved to SandBoxd. SandBoxd was a gaming portal founded by Blank101 and JPillz that supported all devices with a web browser. The Pawn games were of the few on the website that required Flash Player and would not work on any device.

In 2019, SandBoxd was ready to be retired. Blank101's friend Alex joined a few dedicated Pawn community members and together they brought back There are some thanks in order for the hard work put in by everyone involved. We would like to give a special thanks to Fusious for starting what became to be the new Pawn Community forums. Extra thanks go to Near for especially helping integrate the games back into Many thanks to TheCriminaL for helping in all aspects from the planning to the launch of the website. Please give additional thanks to Fusious, Near, and TheCriminaL for their hard work recreating the Pawn Game look and feel in the forum. Thanks to TheCriminaL we also have a PT forum theme.

Alex is now the main developer and looks after the games, website, forum, and Discord.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
-Blank101, JPillz, and Alex

What Makes Our Games So Unique?

  • Our games have always been completely free to play, and will remain free to play. This includes being free from advertisements.
  • Whether you're at work, school or home our games are completely accessible to all computers that can support Flash games.
  • Pawn is a safe gaming environment. We have a strict policy on swearing and racism so that our games can be available to many different age groups.
  • Our games are always being worked on to stop cheaters, fix bugs and improve overall game play.
  • Our friendly staff are here to provide you with any assistance you need.