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December 27, 2018
Community Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. Understanding and accepting them will ensure you can experience uninterrupted enjoyment in our community. We have taken the liberty of creating one set of guidelines for our entire community, so that everyone can enjoy an equal experience throughout.

Chat Guidelines

This includes all the possible types of textual and verbal information exchange in spaces such as our forums, game chats, and Discord chat.

- Please use English in all shared spaces. If you would like to have a private conversation with someone in a different language you both understand, you are free to use private messages and whispers for that.
- Don't spam. If you recently replied to a forum thread and want to add more content, consider editing your last post instead of posting again.
- Don't seek to injure another member or group. If you feel hurt or offended by the content of another member, let a moderator know and more importantly let the other member know you didn't appreciate what they said. Use constructive feedback that won't hurt them back. If the other member doesn't cease, a moderator will intervene. Stop hurtfulness in its tracks and contain its spread.
- Never post or discuss any adult content.
- Before sharing any personal information about a member, ensure you obtained their permission to do so.
- Please avoid typing profanity in short form. Profanity needs to be caught by our word filters to keep chats clean. It's better to avoid using profanity whenever possible.
- Make sure not to share illegal content or links to cracked software.
- Advertising isn't allowed. Before attempting to post any advertisement whether personal or commercial, be sure ask an administrator for permission. Advertising includes the sale of services or goods.
- Don't create unnecessary challenges for our staff. An example of this is continuously posting negative predictions about the future of this website. Your opinions are important to us. So we'd like to hear them at least once. Once we've heard your concerns you can rest assured they are under consideration.
- Most of us want to see this community make a comeback. Remember to make new members feel welcome, as they're all going to be playing with us in the future.

If the staff deem that a member is damaging the experience of others through their use of chat, chatting ability of said member may be revoked.

Game Play Guidelines

- Please don't look for ways to gain free score or free stats. If someone manages to exploit getting free stats, those stats will be removed along with extra stats to discourage ever trying to gain free stats again. One example of gaining free stats on Pawn Tactics is teaming up with a group of friends to take turns unlocking awards. Anyone caught unlocking awards for free will have all awards reset.
- If you discover a critical game bug please report it directly to an administrator. For all other game bugs, you may create a bug report thread on the forum. Sometimes we miss things when testing our updates. We thank all the dedicated community members that report unseen bugs.
- The games should be enjoyed the way they are presented. Game modifications are not allowed.
- If you were given a mute or a ban, it is not right to try and circumvent it by creating a new account.
- Please don't abuse any bugs found in our games. We will do our best to patch them in a reasonable time frame after they are reported.

Account Guidelines

- Currently a maximum of 2 accounts per member is allowed. Any additional accounts may be deleted at an administrator's discretion.
- Don't knowingly register the username of a past account that you didn't own. This may confuse everyone, as we'll think you were the original person the account was registered to. If you register a username that looks similar to an existing account, you may be requested to choose a different one.
- Account sharing isn't allowed. Sharing an account is unfair when done so competitively to earn high rank. It also makes it challenging for moderators to do their job. Please don't share your account with another member or it may get deleted.

Pawn Community Staff reserve the right to limit access to our website, games, and chats if someone is unable to follow the guidelines, and for any other reason they deem necessary. We will ensure there is always proper cause for affecting someone's access to our community. Sometimes discouragement methods may be used to help keep members within the guidelines.

If the guidelines don't answer all your questions, please start a help thread or private message an administrator with your question. We'll do our best to answer it and use it to improve how our guidelines are presented.

Updated September 18, 2020.
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