[7KC] 7 Kill Coins

January 22, 2019
7 Kill Coins

7KC Member Ranking
1. Pingpawn (@shizangle)
2. lilroosterbutt (@lilroosterbutt)



Honorary Members:

Who we are:

Team 7KC is a team of Pawn Game tryhards who seek to improve their skills by practicing within an elite group of PG players.

The team name "7 Kill Coins" reflect the 7 kill coins needed to buy a desert eagle. The deagle is the weapon of choice for our team members, and you are expected to perform at a high level with a deagle against opponents with any other weapons.

Member Rankings:

Team members are ranked within the team according to their skill level in the game, which is determined through 1v1 matches. Higher ranking members have more clout in team decision making and have priority for clan matches.

Every new member starts at the bottom of the Member Ranking list. In order to advance in ranking, you must challenge any of the 3 players who are above you in ranking and win best out of 3 or 5 matches (at defending player's discretion). If you win the challenge, you will swap ranks with the defeated team member. Report the results regardless of winning or losing (screenshots of all matches) in this thread.

Member ranking challenges are expected to follow the same ruleset as the 7KC Application (see below). The only exception is you are also allowed to 1v1 on Lights Out; no other maps are allowed.

As a member of 7KC, you are expected to accept 1v1 challenges from your fellow teammates. Active avoidance of 1v1 challenges will result in an automatic forfeit of the ranking position. While this may sound severe, we support player activity within this team. Naturally good players should have no problem re-obtaining their respective rankings.

Please do not spam your fellow teammates with 1v1 challenges. Be respectful and play fair.

Who should apply:

We welcome all players to apply, but only players at the expected skill level will be accepted into the team.

You do not need to be active on PawnGame to be accepted, but you do need to be highly skilled to warrant a place in our team.

Players in other clans are welcome to apply, but you will be designated as an "Honorary Member" and will not have priority for clan matches. Furthermore, you will be judged at a higher standard than 7KC team members.

How to apply:

Challenge any of the Top 3 players in 7KC and win best out of 3 or best out of 5 matches using the following format and ruleset:

Map: The One (this map only)
Starting Kill Coins: 7
Win score: 25
Weapons: Desert Eagle and default Pistol only. You do not need to buy the Deagle if you want to have more KC for refills.
Refill Rules: Only refill while the opponent is respawning. No refilling after opponent spawns and fires their first shot.
*Results: The challenger must post all results of the matches in the form of screenshots in this thread, regardless of winning or losing.
This is to provide proof of the challenge and to prevent spamming players for challenges. Please be humble in both defeat and win.
Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 1.20.56 AM.png
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Exceptions may be granted to players who already proved their skill, discover a new glitch in the game, or are exceptional at mazing

By applying to 7KC, you agree to be open to 1v1 challenges from other team members if you are selected to join the team.

Good Luck & Success to the Better Player
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January 1, 2019
Do you have to beat one of the top 3 in order to be accepted, or do you simply need to challenge and it's on a performance-in-match basis?

Either way, fight me, I'm applying :)

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January 5, 2019
I also challenge lilroosterbutt to gain acceptance into 7KC.

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January 22, 2019
Do you have to beat one of the top 3 in order to be accepted, or do you simply need to challenge and it's on a performance-in-match basis?

Either way, fight me, I'm applying :)
You have to beat them ;) I wrote best out of 5, but that's only if both players are close in rank. It should be pretty obv if someone is good or not :p
January 22, 2019
Welcome PingPawn into 7KC!
@shizangle As a member of the Top 3, remember that you are responsible for accepting clan application challenges. Applicants must win best out of 3 or best out of 5 in order to be accepted, and new clan members will start out at the bottom of the clan ranking.

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December 27, 2018
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