Mosque shootings in New Zealand

March 6, 2019
New Zealand
Bring back torture. Get him so close to death he begs for it, then heal him, then do it all over again. I volunteer to take the first shift.
I don't even think that would be enough, He and the 2 other people who were involved admitted to having this planned for awhile, and the shooting was only the start, if they didn't get caught as quick as they did, the bombs they had in their cars would of done catastrophic damage to god knows what or who. There's no way he or the others would beg to die, they knew what they were doing and even videoed the entire thing. You have to be seriously twisted and screwed in the head to even go through with something like this in broad daylight and kill that many innocent people, children included and not have any remorse whatsoever. It's disgusting.
March 7, 2019
Right behind you!
It's a perfectly valid topic for the general discussion forum.

If anyone is uncomfortable with this conversation being a part of their Pawn Tactics experience, that's also valid. They're free to not read the thread.

Anyway, as far as I'm aware this was the first attack of this sort where the whole thing was filmed for the world to see. The truck attack from 2016 in Nice, France had a death toll of something over eighty. But that one didn't have a camera livestreaming all the gruesome details of everyone screaming and dying up close. This is unprecedented, and I think will have a unique effect on the world, because the world is really seeing all of it.

I regret that some of the responses to this attack in all our countries will be to curtail people's various rights. But I also wish that, just this once, we could all take a break from the usual routine of using tragedies as a rhetorical cudgel against eachother. More and more, whenever something awful happens, people automatically use it to suppress political dissent for whatever issues they want.

"If you don't support stronger border security, every crime committed by an illegal immigrant is your fault."
"If you don't support gun control, every gun death is your fault."
"If you criticize Quranic scripture, every hate crime against a muslim is your fault."
"If you criticize Israel, anti-semitic hate crimes are your fault."

I've already seen accusations of implicit responsibility for this attack pointed at Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz, the NRA, Richard Dawkins, Donald Trump, ex-muslim apostates, democrats who criticized Ilhan Omar, and on and on and on and on...
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January 1, 2019
No shots to crim but, I find it funny to the some that accuse Breeze for padding posts. Crim is another that posts a lot, no one is calling him out? Don't correlate the irrelevant posts with post count. Breeze said he's not doing this to pad post, that's to your opinion whether you believe him or not. And at that point some of you are just judging him for what he posts. He posts a lot on discord and actively recruits people to get on PT, he's just that type of person, and the only person by far doing this. But yeah, I guess he's padding on discord too.

posting about a list of horrific things that happened and then asking thoughts as if someone is retarded enough to say that anyone ever murdered for practicing their religion deserved it.
True I do mostly agree. But so as long as we're allowed to this, it's not Breeze' fault. The admins made these rules.

@FootNinja Aside from the recent shootings, how is it like in New Zealand?

E: I recently found out, the first person that was shot was a 71 yr old Afghan refugee, who escaped death in his own country. He's the same person that said "welcome brother". Just relating the fact to those who didn't know.
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February 1, 2019
Its so sad and crazy that this guy did what he did. Everyone's fine in Nz living life and this idiot just goes on a killing spree because of his twisted views. What worse is that his 4chan friends were egging him on while this was going on and are encouraging their 4chan group to target France next.
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