Thank you for this Opportunity

September 24, 2019
It’s hard to describe how I felt when on a random Monday night procrastinating, I found the website that I spent so much of my childhood on. Hours grinding out clan points, editing signatures, raging at how good Sniperaim’s recon was.
And then going through and seeing all the familiar names is just mind blowing. It’s like going through an old yearbook. I doubt I’ll do much playing this time around but I can’t wait to explore this community again and give back to one that helped me get through my anti-social childhood haha.
I doubt anyone remembers who I was but I spent a good time leading SVG also under “ChangE” and was around when the clan wars game mode came out. Man those were so amazingly fun times. If you were around during that time or helped bring this community back alive I want to personally say thank you. God damn I still can’t believe this community got resurrected (Thanks Alex and everyone else)
Also I’d be super grateful if anyone has contact information for superstition, dude was low key my mentor not only for this game but also in life.

Overall, I’m glad to be back :D
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