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January 1, 2019
Free For All Deathmatch [FFA-DM]
Bloodbath by ReconReaper
Carnage by FlippysKnife
Death Sentence by Knux57
Elevate by Knux57
Grassland by LambofGod4218
Grimsby by Pook
Islands by LambofGod4218
Jail Break by ________
Levels by Blank101 X
Metalworks by Blank101 X
The Maze by Kyske
The Pyramid by Pook
Torn Away by Nick

Ceyhan (1v1) by MoMo
Compact Bound (1v1) by Pook
Freefight (1v1) by GinaChoi
Godmin Arena (1v1) by Zeraton

Hillside (1v1) by ________
Mono Y Mono (1v1) by SmoothCopyCat
Parking Lot (1v1) by EgoJr
Quarantine III (1v1) by ________ X
Wander (1v1) by ________ X

Team Deathmatch [TDM]
[3T] Arcade Run by SmoothCopyCat
[2T] Binomial by TheUnimportant
[4T] Blackout by LambofGod4218 X
[2T] Brisk by Fallen ________
[2T] Confrontation by FlippysKnife
[2T] Courtyard by Blank101 X
[4T] Cruxite by LambofGod4218 X
[4T] Dead Cross by Knux57
[2T] Death Funnel by Knux57
[4T] Earthbound by Nick
[2T] Firefight by ________
[6T] Galiath by ________
[2T] Gorge by Knux57
[2T] Ground Plan by Pook
[2T] Harambe by Sniper

[4T] Hostile Ground by Knux57
[4T] Jumble by FlippysKnife
[4T] King of the Hill
by Knux57
[2T] Landslide by LeLoi
[2T] NickIt by Nick & RipIt
[6T] Oppression by Ilikeshooting
[2T] Parallel by FlippysKnife
[2T] Penitentiary by FoxSamus
[4T] Precinct by YellowTeeth
[4T] Radius by FlippysKnife X
[6T] Rumble by Knux57
[4T] Seismic by Knux57 X
[2T] Target Practice by Ilikeshooting
[4T] The Citadel by ________
[2T] Trajectory by MoMo & Kevin
[6T] Turmoil by Pook
[2T] Ventrilico by Pook
[4T] Wasteland by Knux57 X
[4T] Xing by Knux57 X

[2T] Zedumehcations by FlippysKnife

Assault [AS]
Broken Reality by Ilikeshooting
Conquest by Knux57
Fallen City by Fallen
Fragility by EgoJr
Invasion Assault by Ilikeshooting
Last Days by Ilikeshooting
Race Two the Finish by FoxSamus
Release Villyer & Ilikeshooting
Sever by Knux57
The Keep by ________
Transcentral by MoMo & Happyboyboy
Trenches by ________

Vile Inc by Vile

Escort the Flag [ETF]
Cohort by Villyer & UniteD
Fort by Fallen
Locked Inside by Pook
Marshlands by Herm & SmoothCopyCat

MoMoLand by MoMo
Inclination by Pook
Organized Chaos by JohnGalt

Parting Ways by EgoJr
Picnic by Villyer
Tey by MoMo
Thunderbolt by Villyer

Trance by Villyer
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Pawn Tactics Map Team
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January 1, 2019
Capture the Flag [CTF]
[2T] Blitz by Happyboyboy
[4T] Bloodshed by FoxSamus
[2T] Brotherhood by MoMo & EgoJr

[2T] Clash by Knux57
[2T] Clockwork by Zen

[4T] Colosseum by Pook X

[4T] Crossfire by CrystalIce X
[2T] Cruel Intention by MoMo & EgoJr X
[2T] Death Trap by Pook & SmoothCopyCat & Villyer
[2T] Debris by Happyboyboy X
[4T] Dirty Tactics by Knux57
[2T] Entourage by Pook
[2T] Escort by LambofGod4128
[2T] Excavations by ReaconReaper
[2T] Fatal River by Pook
[4T] Guardian by Blank101 X

[4T] Headquarters by JohnGalt X
[2T] Hideaway by MoMo & PaPaDre
[2T] Itsamap by Happyboyboy
[6T] Layers Ilikeshooting
[2T] Locked Inside by Pook
[4T] Magnet by ________ X

[2T] MoMo Harbor by MoMo
[2T] Neighbors by Happyboyboy
[2T] Organized Chaos by JohnGalt
[2T] Propaganda by ________
[4T] Protect Your Flag by ________ X

[4T] Rendezvous by Pook X
[5T] RePENT by Ilikeshooting
[4T] Requiem by LambOfGod4128
[4T] Resistance by Happyboyboy & SmoothCopyCat X

[2T] Riot Zone by Knux57
[2T] Rivalry by Zeraton
[4T] Rough Paths by Nick X

[6T] Semestral by Pook X
[4T] Separation by Villyer
[6T] Six Flags by MoMo & Kevin X

[2T] Strobe by Ayce
[2T] Suburban Course by Nick
[4T] Tactical Warfare by FoxSamus
[2T] Talk to Frank by LambOfGod4218
[4T] The Estate by Knux57 X

[6T] The Hexagon by Pook X
[2T] The Kron by Pook
[3T] Tri by Paulcow
[2T] Verge by Pook
[4T] Vertex by Knux57 X

[FF] Blank Expression by ________
[FF] Fissure by ________
[FF] Seek and Destroy by ________
[FF] Valiant by ________ X

King of the Hill [FFA-KoTH]
Circumvent by Ilikeshooting
Collateral by Villyer & UniteD
Conflict Center by FoxSamus
Degrading by SmoothCopyCat & Happyboyboy
Dual Throne by Ilikeshooting
Mercy by ________
Murder Mountain by ________
Ruins by Villyer ________
Silent Guillotine by LambOfGod4218
Survival by EgoJr
The Pit by SmoothCopyCat

The Pyramid by Pook

Team King of the Hill [T-KoTH]
[2T] Auto Show by EgoJr
[2T] Condemned by Fallen
[4T] Converge by Pook
[2T] Devastation by FoxSamus
[2T] Elemental by Villyer
[4T] Engulf by FlippysKnife X
[2T] Equidistant by Villyer
[4T] Frantic by Villyer
[2T] Gallant by Herm
[2T] Gauntlet by Villyer & RipIt
[4T] Harpoon Crossfire by LambOfGod4128
[6T] Jupiter by LambOfGod4128
[4T] King of the Hill by Knux57
[4T] Map of the Hill 89 by Herm & SmoothCopyCat X
[2T] Nightmare by Ilikeshooting
[4T] Overwhelm by FlippysKnife X
[5T] Pentagon by Paulcow
[2T] Sharpshooter by SmoothCopyCat
[4T] Showdown by Pook
[2T] Split Lines by Kevin

[2T] Stay Alive by Knux57
[4T] Takeover by ________ X
[2T] United by UniteD

[2T] Vile Street by Vile

Top 5 Map Makers:

1. Knux57 (22) TIE
1. Pook (22) TIE
2. Villyer (13)
3. LambofGod4218 (10)
3. MoMo (10) TIE
4. Ilikeshooting (9) TIE
4. SmoothCopyCat (9) TIE
5. FlippysKnife (8)

Note: The X indicates that the map is permanently discontinued.
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