Feature Tester App

Pawn Map Team
January 22, 2019
1. Have you participated in Pawn or Pawn Tactics or Zed betas in the past? If so, which ones? Any other places you've tested games at before?
That's like 15 years ago lol. I don't remember...I only remember Zed not working upon release haha
2. What hours of the day are you available for testing content?
I work multiple jobs, both night, day, 24hr, weekday/end shifts, so my schedule is complicated. Is this not going to be a stand alone application accessible 24/7?
3. Do you know how to create test plans for fully testing a feature?
I know how to make games using RPGMaker? Kind of unrelated, but I have a scientist background, so I'm good with lab notes? I'm just looking to have some fun...
4. Will you be willing to participate in forum discussions regarding the pros and cons of releasing new features or modifying a current one?
Yeah, that's my intention of applying. I want to see how mazing and map design works in AS3 compared to what we have now. I helped discover many of the mazing glitches/jumps in Pawn 60fps. Will be able to post my thoughts/findings in the group forums.
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