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January 1, 2019
So much has changed this offseason except for my Knicks. NBA turned from dynasties to duo star power teams. What’s on your mind heading to next season?

Btw, this my early prediction for standings and MVP candidate.
West (2017-2018 record, 2018-2019 record, reason for their spot)
1) Nuggets (46-36, 54-28, they keep their core and added more depth)
2) Blazers (49-33, 53-29, team gets better every year despite the odds, Lillard and CJ are at their primes)
3) Clippers (42-20, 48-34, Kawhi is gonna be rested like he did in Toronto)
4) Jazz (48-34, 50-32, Squad added Mike Conley + Bojan Bogdanovic + Jeff Green minus (Derick Favors + Rubio), they got firepower)
5) Lakers (35-47, 37-45, LeBron gonna rest more, Davis can't carry team high enough)
6) Warriors (58-24, 57-25, they still got 3 all stars? (Curry, DLo, Draymond). They finally got a healthy young center. Their biggest problem is gonna be defense)
7) Rockets (65-17, 53-29, the problem isn't Russ + Harden, it's D'Antoni. If Harden runs majority of the floor, Russ is not a liability. Russ gotta be the playmaker)
8) Spurs (47-35, 48-34, too hard to choose between Pels and Spurs but spurs somehow never miss the playoffs)
Race for 8: Pelicans

East (2017-2018 record, 2018-2019 record, reason for their spot)
1) 76ers (52-30, 51-31, the best frontcourt in the league (Tobias, Embid, Hortford))
2) Bucks (44-38, 60-22, Giannis gets better and they got a shooter now)
3) Raptors (59-23, 58-24, they lose 2 starters but still relevant because of Siakam)
4) Nets (28-54, 42-40, Kyrie a better upgrade than DLo, so they move up, Nets still got good role players)
5) Celtics (55-27, 49-33, team won't be that great but better environment with kyrie gone)
6) Pacers (48-34, 48-34, lost majority of their role players and Oladipo is still injured)
7) Heat (44-38, 39-43, They got Jimmy, so they're a low tier seed)
8) Pistons (39-43, 41-41 they got experience and now a good backup to rest Blake)
Race for 8: Orlando

MVP: Damian Lillard

Don’t sleep on the Warriors
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