Pawn Rules and Regulations

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December 27, 2018
1. No evading the swear filter.
  • If a user uses a swear word that comes up as "****", This is acceptable. However, this may not be used toward another user as an insult.
2. Do not make personal attacks to any person or group at all. This includes things like racism, sexism, slander, beratement, etc.

3. Do not link to any pornography, or any form of inappropriate explicit sexual content.

4. Do not spam or flood any part of the service.

5. No Warez

6. English only in the main chat room and in match. You are allowed to use any language you want in user created chat rooms or private messages.

7. Do not impersonate any users or staff members, past or present.

8. Do not ask to be a Moderator. If you ask to be one you will be forfeiting any chance you might have had to become one.
  • This rule is not to be taken lightly.
9. No cheating, hacking, glitching, padding, death dodging, etc
  • Glitching is allowed within the context of mazing maps, and that is it. If you find a critical game exploit please report it directly to a member of staff.
  • Ladder 1v1 games need to have a space so that a staff member can observe the game to ensure you are not padding. Your game will be closed if that is not the case.
  • Death Dodging falls under the category of exploiting game design errors. It leads to an unfair advantage for you, and is therefore punishable.
10. No Offensive Material Allowed.
  • This includes the use of text, pictures, or video.
11. We are not responsible for any account thefts under ANY circumstances. Account sharing is forbidden!
  • Shared accounts are subject to a site-wide ban.
12. Distributing or using third-party programs to alter the game is not allowed.

13. Sharing personal information about someone without their permission is not allowed.

14. No ban evasion allowed.
  • If you evade, your original ban will double and you will risk being given a site-wide IP ban.
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