Accepted Tournament Director Application

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Pawn Moderator
January 1, 2019
East Coast
1. How long have you been a part of the Pawn/Sandboxd Community?

Been Part of Pawn since early 2008 or 2007. It has been too long to remember the exact date.

2. Have you ever hosted a Tournament on PT or PG?

I have hosted a couple successful tournaments in PT where i will list below (Recap) (Recap)

3. If you answered yes to #2, Describe the tournament and how it went.

Both tournaments were a 16man tournament split into 2 groups of 8 where a FFA match would take place for three rounds. With the top 4 getting points with First place getting 4, Second getting 3, ect. After the three rounds are concluded the top four players with the most amount of points move on. In the Second phase the top 4 form both groups will compete again in 3 rounds in a FFA but this time first place will get 8 points, second place 7 points, ect, until last place gets one point. The winner would get a prize while in my first tournament there were prizes for second and third place.

4. Have you ever hosted events or tournaments outside of Pawn? For example, Other websites or in real life.

Yeah I was in charge of some Super Smash tournaments, or small game tournaments here and there.

5. If you answered yes to #4, Please describe what it was and how it went.

They were not big tournaments or prizes but they ended well and were just versus matches till a winner was named.

6. What do you think most qualifies you to be a member of the Tournament Directors?

I know how difficult it is to host a tournament on a games like pawn game and pawn tactics since it is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot to take account of such as time zones, a day suitable for each participant, prizes to incentivize people to joining, what to do if someone or multiple people don't show up, have moderators help with the tournament inorder to keep participants in the match and nonparticipants out, and cooperation from certain people. The last part i believe is one of the most important part for tournaments that will take place on this site. A problem I had with hosting tournaments in Sandboxd was a good prize that would have people to try and seriously compete in the tournament and join it. There was not much you could do in Sandboxd and only things I could offer was credits to become a contributor and asking Blank101 to reset clans when the prize winner asked for it. However here we can communicate and cooperate with the Graphics Crew usergroup for possibly having Signatures as prizes, there is more forum powers here so maybe create something for prizes such as a unique color, GIF avatar, honestly would have to check with the forum powers to see what could be provided and where to go from there. What I want to do and have cooperation from PT Moderators, Forum administrators, and Alex in it is to have a huge tournament to have once a year where we can have one true special prize so it is something for everyone to look forward too which could be something as simple as a special smoke. Anyway yea I know what it is like and the problems with tournaments and just wanna make some good ones so people can have fun.
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