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Tournament Director
May 11, 2019
1. How long have you been a part of the Pawn/Sandboxd Community?

A very long time ago and under a different username I was a member of the community for about six years (estimate, don't remember exactly how long it was many years ago).

2. Have you ever hosted a Tournament on PT or PG?

Yes I was a Tournament Director maybe six years ago (possibly longer) for about two years.

3. If you answered yes to #2, Describe the tournament and how it went.

I ran many tournaments. Some went very well and some went horribly. That's how it works when you're counting on other people to show up for tournaments they've registered for. There's some level of responsibility you have to get people to show up but there's a point where its on the individuals who registered. I would consider 75% of the tournaments I ran to have been successful, which I believe is better than most people can say.

4. Have you ever hosted events or tournaments outside of Pawn? For example, Other websites or in real life.


5. If you answered yes to #4, Please describe what it was and how it went.

Ran a fundraiser for cancer research with some of my buddies in college and raised over $20,000.

6. What do you think most qualifies you to be a member of the Tournament Directors?

Being a TD before for starters.

Furthermore I think TD is a very important role for reviving the game as nobody plats Pawn Tactics anymore. As of this moment if you want to play you'll need to coordinate with other people a time to play in order to assure other users are on. Sounds very similar to what a TD is responsible for facilitating. I have a couple of really good ideas to help facilitate not only activity on PT but Clan activity, which is crucial since I think Clan Wars is the staple of the game.

I would like to run not only tournaments but Clan tournaments. Definitely the best way to revive Clan Wars. You don't have to be in the Clan to enter you just sign up and log on at the start time. If there's 24 people logged on and ready to go that's 8 teams. You can choose your teams if you want and if you don't have a team I'll throw all the randoms together. Split the teams into a bracket on the spot and get the tournament going. Lot of moving pieces the day of the tournament but the date would be announced far in advanced so people could plan on playing in it if they wanted to.

I would elaborate and possibly improve upon that idea as a TD but I think you can understand the framework for now. The bigger point is that the goal for PT should be to get clan wars popping again as that is the centerpiece of the game in my opinion. The clan tournaments could also quite possibly lead to organic growth in Clan activity down the road.

Thank you for your consideration.


December 27, 2018
1. May I please know your previous username?

2. Do you plan on sticking around activity wise on this site?
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