[2T-CTF / FR] New MoMoland


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January 1, 2019
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New tileset, new game mode.

After reviewing Chernobyl and HBB's FR map, we came to the conclusion that spawn camping and difficulty in killing the flag carrier are the two major issues.
Well, I have a solution! My map solves both problems ;D

Besides the image of the map, I also included a visual that demonstrates how the gameplay will work.
- The red line represents a shorter but relatively dangerous path.
- The black line represents a longer but relatively safer path.
- The rectangles in cyan are the locations where intense fighting is expected to occur.
- The zone is actually a wall that you can't shoot or nade through.
- A guard might be need to protect the flag carrier in the narrow path near the red / blue flag.
- Suitable for (3, 4, 5) clan war matches.

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This is so dope! I spot three new tiles(that barbed wire is tricking me). Who made those tiles? This looks like a good map.
Because the spawns are so close together, it could allow for an assault to grenade spam them, while 2 recons take the neutral and enemy flags. I (personally) would space them out a bit more.

Without playing it though, that is the only negative I can find. Good work MoMo.

PS: Where is the MoMo tag on the map, it's incomplete without it
A new MoMoLand: My dream has been realized.

Anyway, I really like the design of it. I think that the combination of size/layout would give game play a balanced feel on both offense/defense, and that teamwork would be paramount from start-to-finish.
You got a good point, but I doubt it will be a big problem if both teams are balanced. Without playing on it, I can't tell for sure since it is a new game mode that has not been servered.

I am working on a portfolio of MoMo-themed maps.

I don't remember who made those tiles.


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