[2T-CTF] MoMo Harbor


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January 1, 2019
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First map in years ;DD
Let me know what you think!

Server Version:

Edited Version:
- Opened up a narrow path near the spawning area.
- Opened up access to the second flag. That means your team can steal and capture two flags at once, but it will be extremely difficult.
- The flags in the spawning areas are set at level 05, so they are basically one-tile walls.
- The blocked vision that gives the attacking team disadvantages near the defending team's spawning area is now fixed.
- Eliminated Mauler camping around the flag.

Code: https://pastebin.com/AsqFpmYJ
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great! please log into gitlab.com and create a new file in the all maps folder and paste the map code in! :)
I liked the changes you made lol. Only thing i'm worried about is the winning team camping since there is 3 choke points people can respectively camp and especially the top 2 since if they camp that hard and someone dies they will respawn behind the attacking team. Really wanna try it out though and get a feel for it, gimmie so i can test it with map test please

Edit: Also if they take too long killing all 3 they will spawn behind and even if they did kill all 3 they would not make it in time to go and get the flag and get out since the other team will respawn on top of them I think? A medic may be required for this map but would have to check how big it actually is and stamina to see how much distance someone can run in the amount of time has till respawn.

Choke points
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I can imagine camping at the three locations you circled, but I don't think it will last for long because (1) there is no elevation (2) the "choke points" are kinda narrow so campers can't really dodge any bullets and grenades (3) the spawning area is away from the "choke points" so nobody will be spawn-killed.

Of course there are exceptions (Ex: If the camping team is too overpowered).

The purpose of this map is to engage people in immediate fighting. I understand that it may be a little difficult to capture a flag, but if you do manage to capture one, you and your team definitely deserve it! This is something that popped into my mind this morning and I wanted to give it a try.

I edited the map and replaced the river with an ocean because I dislike so much green.
I also added the code in, so test it out!

Edit: Use a spoiler when you are posting a large image LOL
u said too much green but now too much blue ):<
When i think of camping i was thinking of mauler camping but if you are going for the whole if you cap it you earned to do what u can to keep that lead then all is good!
also is this the tester? https://g4.sandboxd.com/PT_Shell.swf?v=1-05-04&t=true&r=2
I thought it was but each time i click it i download something and it says error, been a long time since i tested a map pls no bully.

Edit: also fixed the spoiler my bad lmfao

Blue looks more appealing to me, so I am keeping it ;DD

I don't know if this concept will work out, but the area near the flag is intended for mauler camping!
If one team focuses on defense, then it could be easier for the attacking team since the spawning areas are not too far away from the choke points.
(should I say this is the unique aspect of the map?)

and yes, that's the tester. It might only works on Chrome. I tried to open it with Safari this afternoon and it downloaded some decompressor application.
Well i would have to play on it for any final impressions but it does look fun so wanna try it.
I'm on chrome and i'm getting a download for some decompressor application :cry:
if thats a bridge you should add some land around the land to emphasize that
After playing this map a few times and hearing what other people have said about it, I decided to make some changes to improve the gameplay.
The concept behind this map seems to be successful so far. The second version is an expansion of that idea and will be the first map where two flags of the same color can be stolen and captured simultaneously.

Please check the original post for detail and image.

I also want to change the name of this map. If you have any idea, feel free to PM me or write in a post below.
1. Must have "MoMo" in it.
2. Follow (1)
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When we were trying it out in clan wars, I felt like the small elevation where you can spray and pray the middle didn't add much to the game, and it didn't seem engaging/fun because it was significantly based on luck. The ETF aspect of the map was very memorable though.

New name could be MoMo's Frontline, MoMo's Military Base, or MoMo's Forts/Fort.
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I like the update, when I played this map there was a lot of lancer spray in the middle, and I think the new opening provides more counter play to that. The two flags is an interesting idea, I think it would be cool if you were down 1-0 to go for the win with two flag carriers.
That small elevation is there for you if you want to try your luck.
If you can see that bridge from the elevation, then it would be too OP because the middle section does not have an elevation or much protection.

Explain your inspiration
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