[2T-KoTH] MoMo Zone


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January 1, 2019
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Here is the link if the image in the spoiler is too large:
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I like the design around the point, but I really don't like how you could die as you spawn from people in the point. you could potentially spray someone as they spawn while you're capping points
^ I agree. Build more walls between the entrances and the cap zone to prevent spawn sprays. Otherwise, this is a good basic map. Book it.
I dunno if you updated it cuz of what they said because I don't see the sprays into spawn from zone. The spray that could go past the single box (the one outside of spawn) into spawn might be kinda annoying tho. Overall dig the map
The one you see now is an updated version. I edited it slightly to prevent the spraying problem.
I thought there wouldn't be any spray at first but I realized I was wrong when I drew a straight line from the zone to the base. Good catch you guys.

This map is actually one of the TDM maps that I made previously, but I figured it would work better as a T-KoTH if I changed things up a bit. The distance between the zone and the base is relatively short as it is designed for quickplay. I'm not exactly sure if this would be a fun map to play on.
I like this version much more. I also feel the addition of those barriers you put in place would make grenades more useful, which is nice
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