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January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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In the Pawn Tactics lobbies, when one wants to scroll up and read something previously said in the chat, one scrolls up. However, when someone post a new message in the lobby, the chat automatically scrolls to the most recent message. This is incredibly annoying, because if one wants to scroll up and read previous messages, one must change lobbies. OR if someone PMs you when you're trying to read past messages, the same issue occurs. I think there ought to be a lobby option where automatic chat scroll is disabled.
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This was mentioned somewhere else too but i agree to it yea, something like how discord messages work would be nice. I think pawngame allowed you to scroll chat but not sure
agreed, i hate having to jump back up only to get cucked by someone typing something
A must have. I have to left click hold to see the messages, really annoying.
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