Aesthetic changes to PT.

January 5, 2019
Pawn Credits
What would you want/do to make PT more aesthetically pleasing?

-New, high quality tilesets
-Remake of city tilesets
-Redo of some current existing tilesets
-Redo of current existing GUIs(Spawn GUI, Clan+Clan war tabs, Ranks, Awards, Lobby, etc.)
Game needs 1000% less blue in general. I always told Blank he should have molded the chat and lobbies around the original PG chat style/colors. Much better and easier on the eyes.
There was the idea of custom chats and matches that PG had that I always thought PT should also have. Those would have been nice :p
So like, I know in custom matches you choose the amount of kill coins you have, and one other feature. How would you implement that in PT?
Like you can pick "Only this class allowed" and people can host their Custom maps like you can in PG & it doesn't count toward your score
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~Bring back scout
~Bring back wrestlemania tournament
~Remove lancer
~Bring back old maps
~Completey reset the game so the newer players get even start with us
-Reset will take place
-I want old maps back too
-Lancer should be kept, but at the minimum crits should be removed
-Hopefully WR tournament or something similar will take place(we have TDs set up)
-Scout should not be brought back, it was too OP, as was the reason for its removal. It would ruin the playstyle of PT, and majority of PT’s maps(from the beginning till now), correct me if I’m wrong @7, were structured in such a way that scout’s gameplay would not be supported. You would need BIG maps and cater for lanes the Scout could snipe in. I’d like to try Scout too as probably everyone else does, but it shouldn’t be brought back to PT. If anything, we can try to implement a certain game mode that allows for Scouts and Recons only(or something like that) and structure the map so that it could support the gameplay of Scout.
-I do however think Specialist should be brought back, and I’m going to try to make a thread on why

Btw everyone, this is a thread for what you think will make PT look better visually, not about gameplay etc
City and Field tiles should be on the same tileset so we can just use both themes for single maps. Other than that, it would be pretty easy to also make a few color swaps of existing tiles, yet that would make the variety of maps feel way deeper. Also add my desert tiles :T
A desert map will be a nice change of pace, first to have a desert map servered will probably have that map played a lot just for the new feel for it.
Desert and artic tiles would be nice. Maybe we can even have space tile sets like PG. I also think the city tiles should be redone/recolored. They’re pretty hard on the eye, hard to see your character in usually dark maps. I also hear that city tiles are glitched? @ImANoob is that so?
If that's true, they should be fixable by a mapper, using the map editor.
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