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Feature Tester
January 19, 2019
Palmer, Alaska
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Pawn Map Making Team
January 18, 2019
Asymmetrical Deathmatch, I like it. I think asymmetrical maps for deathmatches work very well when the layout is balanced. Too many symmetrical maps, need to show more love to asymmetrical ones. :LOL:

I'm going to assume that all boxes are CF.

Anyways, typically you'd want to avoid 1 tile heights where you have to crouch to get by certain areas (shown in the bottom left green circle). In some scenarios you could pull it off, and that's a hard maybe. But in this scenario, you have it directly linked to a spawn. Granted it is deathmatch and there could be other players/you could spawn somewhere else, but that specific spawn is the worse when it comes to spawn camping. The person would have to instantly move and take advantage of that spawn protection.
Top 2 spawns are also unfavorable, since you only have 1 pathway to use. Bottom right spawn would be the best scenario since you have multiple options on where you want to go off spawn.

In the green line/arrow, you could possible add a block or two to prevent "flatness", but then that will cause a new problem of gameplay feeling too cramped. Some major reconstruction would have to be done for it favor both situations.
Flat isn't really a big deal honestly. But having that block cover to block shots or force you/other player to precisely hit your shots at a certain angle when jumping off a ladder (or jumping in general) is nice.

The very top middle, is fairly useless, especially with that screen switch.

I personally don't like ladders that are less than 3 tiles high when going up to a new screen. This is because if you are too low, and you jump, it will drag you back down to the last screen.
In general though, I feel like you have a lot of ladders, which some are also too long because of some parts of your layout.
"Ladder humping" is honestly unavoidable, but you can definitely tone it down a bit with how you design your layout.

Last but not least, transitions. In pink, I'd personally use some windows (urban or industrial) to make the transition cleaner with whatever Background you decided to use. It just makes it visually cleaner.
In yellow circle, using a ladder to transition backgrounds is not a bad idea if you ever wanted to do that. Ex: using the dark space background tile on the other side of the ladders, making it a transition from space - urban - space background tileset.

Asymmetrical maps are very tough, so this is a very good effort.

Edit: looking back at it.. When I mentioned that jumping on a 2 high ladder when going up to a new screen might drag you down.. That might be a way to force players to get off the ladder if they want to engage in a gunfight without that screen interruption. I'll have to test that out. I know some players back then use to be very good with that screen switching shots.

Edit2: 2 ladders high going up to a new screen is fine. I was wrong o_O Idk what I was thinking.
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