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January 1, 2019
One on One [1v1]
Ceyhan (1v1) by MoMo
Compact Bound (1v1) by Pook
Divine Arena (1v1) by Zeraton
Freefight (1v1) by GinaChoi
Hillside (1v1) by Ryu
Mono Y Mono (1v1) by SmoothCopyCat
Parking Lot (1v1) by EgoJr
Quarantine III (1v1) by DrHoax X
Wander (1v1) by YellowTeeth X

Free For All Deathmatch [FFA-DM]
Bloodbath by ReconReaper
Carnage by FlippysKnife
Death Sentence by Knux57
Elevate by Knux57
Grassland by LambofGod4218
Grimsby by Pook
Islands by LambofGod4218
Jail Break by ________
Levels by Blank101 X
Metalworks by Blank101 X
The Maze by Kyske
The Pyramid by Pook
Torn Away by Nick

Team Deathmatch [TDM]
[3T] Arcade Run by SmoothCopyCat
[2T] Binomial by TheUnimportant
[4T] Blackout by LambofGod4218 X
[2T] Brisk by Fallen Fallen
[2T] Confrontation by FlippysKnife
[2T] Courtyard by Blank101 X
[4T] Cruxite by LambofGod4218 X
[4T] Dead Cross by Knux57
[2T] Death Funnel by Knux57
[4T] Earthbound by Nick
[2T] Firefight by NemisisX
[6T] Galiath by Remember
[2T] Gorge by Knux57
[2T] Ground Plan by Pook
[2T] Harambe by Sniper

[4T] Hostile Ground by Knux57
[4T] Jumble by FlippysKnife
[4T] King of the Hill
by Knux57
[2T] Landslide by LeLoi
[2T] NickIt by Nick & RipIt
[6T] Oppression by Ilikeshooting
[2T] Parallel by FlippysKnife
[2T] Penitentiary by FoxSamus
[4T] Precinct by YellowTeeth
[4T] Radius by FlippysKnife X
[6T] Rumble by Knux57
[4T] Seismic by Knux57 X
[2T] Target Practice by Ilikeshooting
[4T] The Citadel by xVx
[2T] Trajectory by MoMo & Kevin
[6T] Turmoil by Pook
[2T] Ventrilico by Pook
[4T] Wasteland by Knux57 X
[4T] Xing by Knux57 X

[2T] Zedumehcations by FlippysKnife
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January 1, 2019
Assault [AS]
Broken Reality by Ilikeshooting
Conquest by Knux57
Fallen City by Fallen
Fragility by EgoJr
Invasion Assault by Ilikeshooting
Last Days by Ilikeshooting
Race Two the Finish by FoxSamus
Release Villyer & Ilikeshooting
Sever by Knux57
The Keep by ________
Transcentral by MoMo & Happyboyboy
Trenches by ________
Vile Inc by Vile

Capture the Flag [CTF]
[2T] Blitz by Happyboyboy
[4T] Bloodshed by FoxSamus
[2T] Brotherhood by MoMo & EgoJr

[2T] Clash by Knux57
[2T] Clockwork by Zen

[4T] Colosseum by Pook X

[4T] Crossfire by Cerium X
[2T] Cruel Intention by MoMo & EgoJr X
[2T] Death Trap by Pook & SmoothCopyCat & Villyer
[2T] Debris by Happyboyboy X
[4T] Dirty Tactics by Knux57
[2T] Entourage by Pook
[2T] Escort by LambofGod4128
[2T] Excavations by ReaconReaper
[2T] Fatal River by Pook
[4T] Guardian by Blank101 X

[4T] Headquarters by JohnGalt X
[2T] Hideaway by MoMo & PaPaDre
[2T] Itsamap by Happyboyboy
[6T] Layers Ilikeshooting
[2T] Locked Inside by Pook
[4T] Magnet by ________ X

[2T] MoMo Harbor by MoMo
[2T] Neighbors by Happyboyboy
[2T] Organized Chaos by JohnGalt
[2T] Propaganda by ________
[4T] Protect Your Flag by ________ X

[4T] Rendezvous by Pook X
[5T] RePENT by Ilikeshooting
[4T] Requiem by LambOfGod4128
[4T] Resistance by Happyboyboy & SmoothCopyCat X

[2T] Riot Zone by Knux57
[2T] Rivalry by Zeraton
[4T] Rough Paths by Nick X

[6T] Semestral by Pook X
[4T] Separation by Villyer
[6T] Six Flags by MoMo & Kevin X

[2T] Strobe by Ayce
[2T] Suburban Course by Nick
[4T] Tactical Warfare by FoxSamus
[2T] Talk to Frank by LambOfGod4218
[4T] The Estate by Knux57 X

[2T] The Hexagon by Pook X
[2T] The Kron by Pook
[2T] Transversal by YellowTeeth
[3T] Tri by Paulcow
[2T] Verge by Pook
[4T] Vertex by Knux57 X

[FF] Blank Expression by ________
[FF] Fissure by ________
[FF] Seek and Destroy by ________
[FF] Valiant by ________ X

Escort the Flag [ETF]
Cohort by Villyer & UniteD
Fort by Fallen
Inclination by Pook
Locked Inside by Pook
Marshlands by Herm & SmoothCopyCat
MoMoland by MoMo
Organized Chaos by JohnGalt
Parting Ways by EgoJr
Picnic by Villyer
Tey by MoMo
Thunderbolt by Villyer
Trance by Villyer
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January 1, 2019
King of the Hill [FFA-KoTH]
Circumvent by Ilikeshooting
Collateral by Villyer & UniteD
Conflict Center by FoxSamus
Degrading by SmoothCopyCat & Happyboyboy
Dual Throne by Ilikeshooting
Mercy by Villyer
Murder Mountain by ________
Ruins by Villyer
Silent Guillotine by LambOfGod4218
Survival by EgoJr
The Pit by SmoothCopyCat
The Pyramid by Pook

Team King of the Hill [T-KoTH]
[2T] Condemned by Fallen
[4T] Converge by Pook
[2T] Devastation by FoxSamus
[2T] Elemental by Villyer
[4T] Engulf by FlippysKnife X
[2T] Equidistant by Villyer
[4T] Frantic by Villyer
[2T] Gallant by Herm
[2T] Gauntlet by Villyer & RipIt
[4T] Harpoon Crossfire by LambOfGod4128
[6T] Jupiter by LambOfGod4128
[4T] King of the Hill by Knux57
[4T] Map of the Hill 89 by Herm & SmoothCopyCat X
[2T] Nightmare by Ilikeshooting
[4T] Overwhelm by FlippysKnife X
[5T] Pentagon by Paulcow
[2T] Sharpshooter by SmoothCopyCat
[4T] Showdown by Pook
[4T] Takeover by ________ X
[2T] United by UniteD
[2T] Vile Street by Vile

Survival [SRV]
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PT Map Making Team
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January 1, 2019
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