[Assault] Barracks

February 7, 2019
Pawn Credits
Hey everybody, fadingbreeze had been talking to me about making an assault map that is designed around simple gameplay that could be good for newer players. The result I came up with is Barracks, a 4 building assault map where the attacking team must move from building to building in order to secure the next zone.


For those who aren't aware of Assault's spawn mechanics, once a zone is capture the blue spawns for that zone turn into the red spawns. So, the blue spawns labeled 1 in the bottom left would be where the red team would spawn after they capture zone 1.

With that in mind, the overall gameplay flow I was aiming for is to have each building be a head on TDM style fight. Whichever team wins the inital engagement will get a decent advantage within the building, however, with many routes in and out of buildings and many open spaces for firefights it doesn't take long to get back to battle.

Zone 1 - The red team will initially spawn above the building and have 1 main entrance and 2 side entrances to utilize. In comparison, the blue team only has 1 larger entrance directly below the zone, but thanks to the closer spawn advantage (unless they get very unlucky) they should be able to establish highground within the building initially. Red team does have a side flank option available, allowing them to toss grenades onto the zone or close high ground. If they push farther they can enter blue spawn and possibly sneak up on the high ground. This route is especially viable for recon players.

Zone 2 - Once zone 1 is taken it will be a rush towards zone 2. Thanks to the close ramps and highground advantage the zone has if the red team gets there first they may be able to get a very quick capture. However, blue has much closer spawns than red team does to this zone to make up for that initial rush advantage and help prevent back to back zone takes. Remember, the red team will now spawn in the bottom left corner. If red team is struggling to capture the zone they could consider going back towards their initial spawn and making use of the highground to try and keep the blue team in their spawn for a few seconds.

Zone 3 - This zone is meant to be chaotic. With very little cover from grenades and close blue spawns on both sides it will be very important for red team to coordinate their attack here. With the proper use of some gaurds this zone should definitely be possible to take between all the cover. Two facing highgrounds at the top of the map allow for firefighting between the spawns meaning if one team is caught unprepared they could be delayed significantly. In contrast, the bottom portion has some twist open pathways that allow for long firefights or recon ganks.

Zone 4 - This is meant to be the final stand. If you control the top level, you can control the zone so in order to win you have to take control of the entire platform. One note is the grass platforms on the left are still 1 level down so they can throw grenades up but cannot shoot up it. Blues final spawn is meant to be pretty much inpenetrable by the red team but it is possible a rogue player or two could make it inside and take one of the small high grounds.

Would love to hear what you guys think! Really want this map to turn out well so all feedback at all is welcome and I will be releasing updates. Any visual suggestions are welcome as well as I will be touching that up when I have time.
This is an amazing map, but I do think the map can be made a little bit bigger as to not look overwhelming to the n00bs.

A very unique Assault, I’m sure no one has seen anything like it. Good job!

I’m sure @MoMo can give you some nice feedback.
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