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January 31, 2019
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i wud like to request reason as to why my profile picture was removed. clearly it was a picture of nature and an outstanding one too if i may toot my own horn. although it bordered the lines of decency and indecency i wud argue that i see people walking their dogs outside that show more indecency than said photo. moreover, i thought pawn a pg-13 game. by the requirements of pg-13 movies, there may be nudity although implications of sex or sexual acts are restricted (https://www.filmratings.com/Content/Downloads/rating_rules.pdf). my picture had nudity yes, but as you can see no implication of either sex or sexual conduct. also no peepee is shown which lies within the pg-13 restrictions. furthermore, several ppl including moderators commented on my photo and said they liked it. finally said picture was removed without my knowledge or any warning of such. as such, it violated my pt constitutional rights. until i get a clear and reasonable response, i will continue to flash my "proverbial balls" at all. thank you and as usual, if you're reading this, get aladeened in the face.
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Appeals isn’t a section for avatar removal.

Contact an administrator if you want help or have a concern regarding your avatar

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