Columbine shooters

January 5, 2019
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Recently learned about the tragedy

Really interested me

I think i was interested by the motives - thinking about them and trying to understand them is very captivating

After reading some material it seems like that Dylan did it as a suicide mission as he was depressed and just wanted an outlet

On the other hand, the most interesting part is Eric Harris... he was a psychopath i think. He just wanted to kill, he saw himself as superior to humans, he saw his fellow human beings as worthy of death. He was fueled by rage and hate, i read somewhere that he was hitting all the checkmarks of a psychologists’ list of signs of a psychopath. My personal interest is knowing where and how did this hate stem from? How could such a hate develop? Something in his DNA or..? Is it simply a mental issue? I doubt it was the environment as he’s such a rare case... i also found it interesting that after attempting to satisfy his bloodlust, he took his life. Was it because he wanted to escape the law? Or was it because his desire was satisfied and his life goal complete and he sought the end of his life.

Would like some insights...
I don't know. But, people tend to selfishly look into things for answers where there aren't any. They probably did it because they could and they were allowed to. If it weren't them it would be some other kids. A consequence of time, because a utopia doesn't exist. I also think many school shootings are a result of attention seeking which the media and news uncaringly feed into since the incident. No one cares until it becomes a tragedy. Only then do they wonder why and how. Suicide after massacres are common by perpetrators and victims, the 2 possibly felt some form of regret (not remorse per se) and understood their actions could not be undone. I mean I don't think they could find any value in life at that point. Evil doesn't need a reason to exist if people consider themselves good?
I live about 10 minutes from Columbine High School.

I dont know why. I dont care why. No reasoning can explain that sort of evil.

May they both rot in hell.
One time someone accused me of "going to become a colombine shooter". However this guy took a lot of LSD and his brain was fried

No insight, after the Virginia Tech shooting I removed myself from the whole mass killing experience
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