Community Playing Time

February 12, 2020
It's currently awfully difficult to find anyone to play PT with, the game is obviously dead but a few of us zombies are still lurking this wasteland.
Perhaps we can find a time to meet up and play?

Community PT Time:
00:00 08:00 GMT

  • To check what time this will be for you, you can check here and work out when that is.
  • If you have trouble working it out, please message me or post your timezone here and ill work that out for you.

Im more than happy to adjust the scheduled time to suit the majority of us. We can also play PG (:

Pawngame is currently adveristed on Kongregate, and since Jan. 06, 2020 has had 78 gameplays. If by any chance they jump on PG or PT, without any players they will leave - understandably. With enough traffic there could be enough income from advertisements to advertise PT and have it thrive like it once did.

You can find me on the pawn discord as "feedme" if im not online here.
January 31, 2019
Im down to 4v4 organized chaos clan battle. I am a god and all I care about is KD
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