Coolest Natural Phenomenon or Experience


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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Glaciers, lightning strikes, hot springs, flash floods, The Mystery Spot, active volcano, ancient forests...

Whats the coolest natural location or natural phenomenon at a site you've seen/experienced?
I've been all over and experienced a wide variety of ecosystems. I'd have to say the most breathtaking place I've been would probably have to be Glacier National Park in Montana. My favorite rugged hiking is located in Idaho. For the fall seasons and seeing the leaves turn, I've found Vermont and upstate New York are unparalleled. Hiking Katahdin in Maine was incredible as well. Also have to mention yellowstone, well cause its a super volcano lmao. The prairies of North and South Dakota are absolutely magical as well. Cherry Springs state park in Pennsylvania has amazing stargazing, as well as the entire state of Idaho (which is a dark sky conservation area).
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White nights in St. Petersburg. I remember looking at my watch and it was just past midnight. Looked like it was noon outside. Unreal.
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