Epstein's death

February 3, 2019
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The fact that Epstein managed to kill himself (despite a previous suicide attempt not too long ago) is very suspicious. His prison cell doesn't give him many options to off himself. He should have been monitored every thirty minutes, but both jail guards failed to follow those instructions. And even his cellmate has been transferred.


I heard rumors that there were no successful suicide attempts in the last twenty years (well, excluding Epstein's death) - unfortunately I couldn't find a legit source for that claim, so I'd treat this information critically. If someone can verify that rumor, I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, a decent amount of people consider it to be very suspicious. One might even consider it to be a coverup for Epstein's accomplices. Considering Epstein has connection to several rich and powerful people, this conspiracy theory doesn't seem too far-fetched. I personally want to wait for more information before I can tell for sure. But man, it does seem fishy af. It might be several human errors, but this is a huge blow to all victims.

What are your thoughts?
They switched him with a lookalike when New York had the massive power outage.

I think the entire situation is bs.
It's hard what to believe and what are credible resources for information as well. I hope something comes out of it. There has to be dirt on a lot of people.
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