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January 31, 2019
New York City
Pawn Credits
In 5th grade, the time when Wiz showed me this game, he told me that Medic class can melee, but it is unlocked when you reach T3 rank. So I spent weeks and months leveling up and I get to T3. I spawn in game as Medic and press F and nothing happens.. One of the most disappointing times of my life.

But that brings the suggestion, add a Melee to the Support class? It would Melee in the same way as heavy, shotgun meleeing forward.
lmfao that reminds me when i started the game and everyone kept on saying "wow nice throw" and stuff in game, and i thought it was an actual mechanic to the recon that i didn't know how to use
When I was in fourth or fifth grade, Legend told me that there was a rocket launcher class that only players with smoke could play with. Something along those lines..
Reminds me of when started way back when: my very first PT friend, SirDio, called padding "training." We'd pad in Clash for hours. Good times...

Also: Nah, I'm cool with Medic being how it is.
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