Fav Map 2 Play? (Old Active PT)


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Pawn Credits
Pawn Tactics used to be very active. There were many full rooms of various maps, and many exciting battles occured. From 24 man citadel, to 24 man conquest - many full games have been enjoyed.

In the past, what was your favorite map to play?
This symmetrical map. It had white tiles and was 4 team CTF. Forgot what name
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Suburban course by Nick (2T CTF) was always super fun to clan wars on
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full conquest or citadel

jail break and king of the hill are fun too
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Man when PT was wicked active all lobys full an clan matchs all day, sigh i guess Locked Inside was good.
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I started out PT playing only Turmoil because that room was always packed with 20-30 people. Then I switched to playing mostly conquest to pad achievements easier. After the game started dying I just played whatever maps had players, usually Bloodshed and LI.
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