Favorite/Least Favorite Class

January 1, 2019
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Which class in PT is your favorite/least favorite?

Favorite: Mauler, because it is the most defense-oriented class, and I like when the battle comes to me
Least Favorite: Lancer, because it never stood out to me, other than being a 'Heavy killer'
My favorite classes to me are the medic and Lancer since they are the most fun to use. Medic is just pretty unique to the rest of the classes and is pretty versatile while the lancer is pretty reliable with its hits and can take out any class but needs good aim.
Only class i can think of that i hate is the commander i guess since people just use it to troll or to waste time.
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Favorite: Probably mauler or assault
Least favorite: Playing as support and playing vs commie (or a laggy/tappy recon :>)
Favorite: Recon. Can kill anything except for heavy.
Least favorite: Commander. Stunts gameplay. I don't play to be slowed down by some dude sitting behind a wall.
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